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Official Website for Health Qigong Federaton UK
Health Qigong Federation UK is a charitable organisation for promoting practice of health qigong in the UK. There is strong evidence that the health qigong, developed and widely practiced in China had greatly improves general health of those who regularly practice it. In many cases, practitioners can recover from long-term illness.
Health Qigong Federation UK organises seminars, teaching and demonstrations in many UK cities. We have material for self-learning and have professional coaches from China to teach and demonstrate at these seminars. If you are interested in learning or promoting the health qigong as a way of improving general health of the UK population, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us at this email

Health Qigong Federation UK Inaugurated on June 9th, 2008

June 9th, 2008

The inaugural meeting of Health Qigong Federation UK (HQFUK) was held at Chislehurst, Kent on June 9th, 2008.

Zhou Jijun, General Secretary of Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) attended the meeting. Mr Zhou congratulated HQFUK on behalf of Chinese Health Qigong Association. He said that Health Qigong originated in China but it belongs to the world. He presented a frame of silk-embroidered peony flower, China's national flower, to HQFUK and expressed his belief that through the effort of HQFUK Health Qigong, a treasure from the Chinese cultural heritage, will flourish in the UK.

Twenty four representatives of Qigong practitioners from all over Great Britain attended the meeting.

Mr Zhou presenting the gift from CHQA to Dr Wang

Health Qigong Federation UK announced:
- Chairman Dr. Herman Wang
- Deputy Chairman Miss Jean Tsang, and Mr Lin Jingban.
- General Secretary and Deputy Chairman Dr T. Mo

Health Qigong Federation UK elected Mr Jijun Zhou as honorary chairman and thanked him for his effort in bringing Health Qigong to the UK.

Dr. Herman Wang thanked Chinese Health Qigong Association, Cultural Department of Chinese Embassy, China Now, Leeds municipal government and others for their helps and supports. He said that the federation is non-profit and will work as a charitable organisation and the federation's goal is to promote Health Qigong as a way of improving general health in the UK and serve as a resource, information and advisory centre for Health Qigong practice in the UK. Dr Wang appeals to the society and individuals to support the HQFUK in promoting Health Qigong as one of the effective means in improving general health of the UK population.

Mr Zhou, the honorary chairman, made a speech entitled "the past serve the present and health care with three regulating (physique, mind, breath)". Accomplished Qigong master Jianhua He and Ben Jiang demonstrated four forms of Health Qigong, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi, Ji Jin Jing and Liu Zi Jue to the attending representatives.

HQFUK is currently working with China Now to organise trainings, seminars and demonstrations in London, Leeds and Kent in 2008.

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Audience following the master's demonstration 1/p>

Audience following the master's demonstration 2

Mr Jijun Zhou, General Secretary of CHQA talking to Qigong practitioners