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Picture Gallery

Dr Wang presented the Congratulation letter to Madam Xiao Min at the Inauguration Conference of the International Health Qigong Federation on 21 September, 2012 at Hangzhou.


The Promotion Committee of International Health Qigong Federation formed during the Inauguration of the Federation.  Dr Herman Wang was appointed as the Chairman of the Promotion Committee with 8 committee members from China, France, India, Ireland, Japan and Spain.

Health Qigong Training took place during the Inauguration Conference of International Health Qigong Federation in Hangzhou, participants  came from different parts of the world.

Health Qigong Competition held in July 2010 at Surrey Sports Park, the winning teams took picture with the organising committee and representatives from Surrey County Council.


In 2010 24 July, 300 Health Qigong Practitioners demonstration of Health Qigong in front of the Guildall Square in Postmouth, the demonstration was also being projected on the big screen in the square..



Presentation of Health Qigong Federation UK by Dr Wang during Tradition Chinese medicine Week at Royal Society of Medicine in London on 28/07/2008

The Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the United Kingdom - Madame Fu Ying - at the opening ceremony of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Week on 27/07/2008

The Vice Minister of the Public Health Ministry of China, Mr Wang Guoqiang interviewed by BBC Radio 4 reporter Mr Mukul Devichand regarding Health Qigong - 28/07/2008