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Heath Qigong Routines
  Ba Duan Jin
  Wu Qian Xi
  Yi Jin Jing
  Liu Zi Jue

Health Qigong Ba Duan Jin (8 Routines)

Routine 1, Hands Hight with Palm Up, Regulating Internal Organs

Routine 2, Posing Archor Shooting Left and Right

Routine 3, One Arm Aloft, Regulating Spleen and Stomach

Routine 4, Looking Backard, Healing Body Strains and Damage

Routine 5, Swinging Head and Lowering Body, Relieve Stress

Routine 6, Hands Gliding Down and Touching Feet, Strengthening Kidney

Routine 7, Thrusting Fists and Glaring Eyes, Enhancing Strength

Routine 8, Heel Up-and-Downs Seven Times, General Healing