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Heath Qigong Routines
  Ba Duan Jin
  Wu Qian Xi
  Yi Jin Jing
  Liu Zi Jue

Health Qigong Yi Jin Jing (Twelve Routines)

Routine 1, Wei Tue Presenting the Pestle One

Routine 2, Wei Tue Presenting the Pestle Two

Routine 3, Wei Tue Presenting the Pestle Three

Routine 4, Plucking a Star and Exchanging a Star Cluster

Routine 5, Pulling Nine Cows by Tail

Routine 6, Flexing Paws and Displaying Wings

Routine 7, Nine Ghosts Drawing Swords

Routine 8, Three Plates Falling on the Floor

Routine 9, Black dragon Displaying Claws

Routine 10, Tiger Springing on Prey

Routine 11, Bowing Down in Salutation

Routine 12, Swinging the Tail