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Heath Qigong Routines
  Ba Duan Jin
  Wu Qian Xi
  Yi Jin Jing
M Liu Zi Jue

Health Qigong Trainings & Seminars

Regular classes for Ba Duan Jin are being currently set up.

Elementary Training for the year 2013

Mid February - end of May, 2013

Every Saturday 11 am to 12 Noon - Livingstone House

Fees: GBP6.00 per hour

Please telephone 0208 467 9988 or mobile 07930179230 to book in advance


Monthly Traditional Medicine and Health Qigong Seminar

We will from February 2013 conduct a monthly Seminar, this semiar will introduce Traditional Medicines, Accupunture and Health Qigong.

We will invite well know Chinese Traditional Meidicine lecturers, practitioners and Health Qigong Masters to talk and demonstrate how these three ancient practices work with together.

Futher details will be posted on this Website.

Alternatively you can either send an enquiring e-mail to